If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your office phone system, computer hardware or networking equipment, now is the time! Call us today and we’ll stop by and explain how the new Tax Laws will benefit your business this year! Time is running out and our schedule’s are quickly running out. 

Yes,…You Read That Right! Businesses like yours can take a same year tax deduction for every dollar of equipment they buy or finance… up to $500,000.

2016 Section 179 Highlights

The new business deduction allowance for Section 179 is now $500,000 in qualifying equipment and software purchases.

The deduction ceiling for the maximum amount of equipment/software that can be deducted is now at the $2,000,000 level.

A majority of new and used equipment, as well as software, qualify for the program.

50% bonus depreciation is now available again which can dramatically add to potential equipment savings.

Companies can still qualify for the tax savings benefits if they acquire the equipment utilizing lease or loan financing.

Businesses that exceed purchases above $2 million in qualifying equipment or software will need to have the Section 179 deduction phase-out dollar-for-dollar and then totally eliminated above a $2.5 million threshold.

Section 179 Special Low Rate Financing Available

Don’t let limited cash flow or budgets stop you from saving! Contact us today!