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With business becoming more digital and employee’s taking on multiple daily tasks, equipping your business with correct security tools is essential. Many businesses tend see Access Control in a narrow field of view consisting of Cameras and sensors. While these are important, they’re just a small piece of a unified security solution. 

As a Business Owner/Admin/Executive, ask yourself these questions:

  • Has your business evaluated what you have to lose?
  • Is your equipment/server room secure? Does it have a bio-metric/keypad installed?
  • What about the need to read license plates of arriving/departing vehicles? 
  • When an event occurs, are you able to remotely respond? 
  • Are you tracking who is arriving/departing your business? 
  • Does your business have the ability to remotely deter/stop intrusions? 
  • Have you completed an assessment on User Access Control (UAC)? 
    • Who has access to your data?
    • Are you secure enough to stop potential data theft from occurring? 
    • Can you wipe/secure data in the event of a lost device?
  • Do you need the ability to selectively buzz people in to your building? 

These are some scenarios, but not all, to think about. We offer a free on premise assessment of your security, data and infrastructure. With over 30 years in IT, our assessments are utilized to thwart many security holes that were never foreseen. For your free assessment, please call us today. 724-658-8300